5 Reasons to Learn Beginner Spanish with Bazilinga.com


#1 Bazilinga saves your time. 

While other learning sites are trying to make you spend more time on their page, we are working to minimize it. We want you to learn as much Spanish as fast as possible and spend your time on other important things.

#2 You can track your progress.

We invented a great metric to measure your knowledge of  Spanish at every moment. You can see the summary of your current knowledge on one page and track your progress. On our side, we use this metric to optimize our course for learning speed and already improved it by 150% since we started.

#3 Bazilinga feels like a game. 

While you learn you have a chance to bet on your answers depending on how sure you are. It makes the learning process entertaining and feel more like a game. It also allows you to constantly evaluate your own knowledge and gives us a better understanding on how to make your progress even faster.

 #4 This is not a drill.

The learning curve is designed so that you never feel like you are going through a drill. The context is always changing as new material gets introduced. No mind numbing repetitions, you may never see the same challenge more than once. No frustrating guessing too. You will always have a clue to the answer which motivates you to think about it. And thinking is the most important part, because this is how you learn.

#5 Bazilinga adjusts to your pace.

By answering challenges correctly and by placing your bets responsibly you affect the speed of your progress. If your bets go south, you have to slow down. If you start consistently winning on every answers, you can proceed faster.

We do not promise that this is the easiest way to learn, but from our data it looks like it might be the fastest. Try it yourself at bazilinga.com and see how much Spanish you can learn in just 60 minutes.



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