Learn beginner Spanish faster with Bazilinga


Learn beginner Spanish faster with Bazilinga

Bazilinga is a fast and fun way to learn Spanish language. Its content was optimized to reduce repetitions and speed up learning pace. We want you to learn as much Spanish as fast as possible and spend your time on other important things. We do not promise that this is the easiest way to learn, but from our data it looks like it might be the fastest.

Try it yourself and see how much Spanish you can learn in just 60 minutes! 

How does it work?

  • Learning curve, meticulously optimized using collected user statistics, will speed up your progress.
  • Clear metric for your language knowledge will show exactly how much you’ve learned at each step.
  • Individually generated content based on the history of your progress will soon tailor learning experience for you.

About Us

Bazilinga is a way to make learning fast and fun. We used user statistics and optimization to maximize the rate of retention. The learning curve is carefully balanced to keep the pace of progress comfortably challenging all the time with a goal to teach as much basic Spanish in 60 min as possible.

While you complete each exercise, we measure your pace, accuracy, and confidence. At every moment you can get the exact snapshot of your current knowledge of Spanish language. While it is a good tool to measure your progress, it also allows us to customize the future content accordingly to speed up the learning process even further.

Using collected information we build challenges to match your skill level and learning style. As a result learning becomes not only efficient but also fun.

This is the beta version of the service. The more people use Bazilinga, the better it becomes as we collect data on user learning patterns and apply it to our language materials. We see from data that our course is becoming more efficient with every iteration.

Please check us often as new features and materials are added every day.



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