Top 5 Reasons to be Bilingual.

Understanding two languages rather than just one has an obvious practical use in an increasingly globalized world, but benefits do not end here. Being bilingual makes you smarter! Research indicates that people who learned to speak more than one language throughout their lives have trained their brains to be stronger. It has been shown by numerous studies that being bilingual can have a deep effect on your brain, improving cognitive skills, including some not related to language, and even helping against dementia in old age. Here we summarized 5 top reasons to learn a second language:

  1. Better and Faster Access to Information  – Knowing another language you can get your information directly from the source and not worry about nuances being “lost in translation”. No need to wait for your bilingual friend or Google translator to interpret it for you.
  2. Higher Pay Off – With less than 30% of Americans speaking another language, being bilingual gives you a benefit at the professional front in job market. Studies found that jobs where employees were required to speak more than one language paid 5-20% more. Fluency in a foreign language such as Spanish also demonstrates your intellectual curiosity and ability to learn new things.
  3. Cognitive Advantages – Bilingual education have surprising benefits for children. If you are getting exposed to a bilingual education you are more likely to develop better cognitive skills. Bilinguals are able to concentrate their attention longer without being distracted and have improved ability in multitasking.
  4. Healthier Brain – Knowing more than one language keeps your brain young, fit, and actively engaged. Studies show that bilingualism may delay Alzheimer’s by more than 4 years. Similar patterns were found in other age related brain developments.
  5. Cultural Awareness – Bilingual people are more empathetic and better able to understand the perspectives of others. Living your life in two languages will make you to feel more aware, competent, and multicultural.

Bilingualism can be attained at any stage in your life, thought it is easier if you have acquired your second language when your brain is more flexible. So, the sooner you start – the better! Why waste time, go to and see how much Spanish you can learn in just one hour!


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