Bazilinga Review

Bazilinga Review.

Do you want to learn a new language? Spanish is becoming a well-sought foreign language in today’s generation because of many reasons; one of which is the fact that is can be easily availed online from various online websites offering the fastest way to learn Spanish while others feel the need to learn another foreign language as it adds up to their competitiveness when travelling in countries where Spanish is the mode of communication. If you haven’t decided where to start leaning basic Spanish language, perhaps this review on Bazilinga, an online portal that offers beginner the chance to learn Spanish fast, easy and free. So, find a comfy seat and take time reading this review based on my personal learning experience.

Why choose Bazilinga?

With my great intention to find the fastest way to learn Spanish, I stumbled on this website “Bazilinga” that offers individuals the chance to learn Spanish fast and fun way. Below are the discoveries I found while exploring their portal and mechanics on how to get started with my goal of learning basic Spanish free.

  • Hassle free access

I’m sure anyone who is looking for an online tutorial website that offers courses to learn another foreign language like Spanish would want easy access to their services. This is what I personally experienced the moment I had the chance to check on Bazilinga, signing-up to try their free trial to learn Spanish fast is not an issue. In fact, you just need to sign using your valid email or via Facebook account and you can start the trial for free within a few minutes. I feel this hassle free access makes Bazilinga a standout among others who will require new users to complete a lengthy information sheet before they could even see what they got for beginners like me trying to learn basic Spanish language.

  • Easy-to-follow instructions

At first, I was a bit hesitant to try the free trial of Bazilinga’s free offer of learning basic Spanish free, but as I managed to log-in successfully via my email account I found the portal’s atmosphere user friendly. Why? The instructions are clear, readable and easy to follow. Even a non-tech savvy person can follow through the 60 minutes free trial without any struggle.

  • Unique layout

I was totally amazed on how the people behind Bazilinga come up with unique layout of their website because as a first time user I did found it to be exciting to see a lighter side on how a student can learn Spanish because of the animated designs that you will find when you get a chance to try it. I’m sure children would find this online Spanish portal to be entertaining and exciting.

  • Learn at your own pace

Sometimes, individuals trying to learn a foreign language get discouraged easily because they can’t cope with the fast learning modules that an online language website offers. If you are like me who wish to study and learn Spanish at my own pace, Bazilinga could be the perfect partner to start learning basic Spanish free because their learning modules including the exercises I tried are based on what you currently know and how much you progressed on each level. If you are a fast learner, you will not get bored as the activities are designed to match your learning pace.

  • Measure your knowledge accurately

This is one of the best features I liked while trying the 60 minutes free trial offered by Bazilinga, tracking my progress on what I learned so far can be easily attained via their tracking tool. It’s clear and transparent the scores. So, once you completed a particular exercise, a report will be flashed on the screen showing your score.

Final verdict

If you want a hassle free approach to learn Spanish fast, then, try Bazilinga and sign-up. I’m sure you will find each learning stage of their beginner learning Spanish online course easy, fun and most importantly convenient as you can do it right in the comforts of your home.

I do hope my personal review gave valuable insights on what to look for in an online language website. If you think that you want to experience the same journey I had while trying to learn Spanish fast and for free, then, choosing Bazilinga is indeed worth your time. Try it now and for sure you won’t be disappointed.


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